A Special Portfolio by Tiago Molinos
Style by Gustavo Romero


Thomas wears giant square twill Plume Modernisme scarf in tropical red and blue HERMES


Andrew wears Tokyo Faille white pleated pants GIORGIO ARMANI,  Large square scarf in Etamine with black and white zebra print SAINT LAURENT


Andrew wears Tokyo Faille double breasted suit GIORGIO ARMANI, white leather belt MICHAEL KORS, greece print wool voile scarf SAINT LAURENT




Thomas wears grey Linen suit, camo shirt, braided belt MICHAEL KORS and scarf BALENCIAGA


Trevor wears grey linen suit MICHAEL KORS , around models head scarf DOLCE & GABBANA, scarf around waist BALENCIAGA


Mister Andrew Lewandowski

On skin: Andrew wears TOM FORD


Thomas wears Graphic Parka print coat RAF SIMONS, slim white jeans RAG & BONE, Petal and Skull  silk scarf ALEXANDER MCQUEEN


Mister Thomas Sefcik

Above head Tiger Royal scarf HERMES, middle scarf DOLCE & GABBANA, bottom scarf BALENCIAGA


Thomas wears giant square twill Plume Modernisme scarf in tropical red HERMES


Thomas wears all scarves listed


Mister Trevor Van Uden

Trevor wears Tiger Royal around waist HERMES



Creative Director: Alexander Jaime, Direction + Cinematography TIAGO MOLINOS (Blonde Artists), Image Retoucher LEO VAS, DP Angelos Rompolis (Blonde + Co), Style GUSTAVO ROMERO, Stylist Assistant TAYLOR FREEMAN, Models THOMAS SEFCIK, ANDREW LEWANDOWSKI, TREVOR VAN UDEN, Grooming CLAUDIO BELIZARIO, Music MARCELO GRANJA (Grita Music), Editor JUAN PAREDES (Blonde + Co), Colorist ERIC ALVARADO (Blonde + Co), Production Supervisor ANDY FORTENBACHER (Blonde + Co), Filmed at BLONDE + CO STUDIOS