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Perfect adj. Lacking nothing essential to the whole. Being without defect or blemish. Pure; undiluted. What does it mean to be a Perfect Man? Rugged elegance? Body flawlessness? Effortless style? Impeccable taste? That’s why we seek your photos for our own curated collection of Perfect Men. Tag your photos with @perfectmanmag on Instagram to be featured on our #perfectmansunday gallery. Show us why you’re one of us. Be an inspiration.




What makes a perfect man?



“The Perfect Man is someone with confidence that’s not overbearing and someone who is genuinely kind.” 

— DAVID GENAT / Brand Ambassador for Montblanc



“What makes a man perfect is the awareness that we are all the same and we are all in this together.”

— DR.JAMES / Doctor  from New York



“The perfect man is actually someone not necessarily perfect but genuine and maybe imperfect. It’s a man doing what he likes, being himself.”

— SIMON SAVA / Travel Blogger from Greece