Breakfast with David by Alexander Jaime


Photo: Rodolfo Martinez

On a fall morning this early November we had the pleasure of chatting with Supermodel/Photographer David Genat, the face of Mont Blanc Emblem fragrance and Massimo Dutti, during the shoot for our upcoming photo story. He made us coffee (which he's quite an expert at) and shared with us his likes, how he stays fit and what makes the perfect man.

What's your first thought when you wake up?

Well usually when I wake up I’m thinking about getting coffee into my body so its something related to that.

How do you take care of your body?

At the moment I’m strength training 3 days a week tuesday, thursday and sunday. Ill do 2 -3 Muay Thai training sessions and 2-3 jiu jitsu sessions a week and I'll do a little running when I have time. I try to work out almost everyday sometimes twice a day and take saturdays off.

How do you deal with tiredness?

This probably comes back to my first thought for the morning haha because i do love coffee, but I try generally not to eat sugar or simple carbohydrates and if i can eat clean and drink plenty of water i have a lot of energy. 

What's your favorite sport?

I really love Mixed Martial Arts.

How can we get the David Genat physique?

Find a physical activity that you love and really get into it, For me that was Brazilian jiu jitsu (11 years of training), I train I feel like I’m learning something and I really love what I’m doing so it pushes me to keep going, I find learning a physical skill much easier then trying to stay motivated at a gym.

Gym or personal trainer?

Personal trainer because it will keep you accountable to someone. Or get into some kind of training program. 

A detox drink?

Carrot Ginger and Kale.

How do you keep yourself motivated during a workout?

I always find that showing up is half the battle and then having a clear plan of what you want to achieve for that session.

Do you follow an eating plan to keep your energy up?

Yeah as I mentioned earlier I stay away from sugar and simple carbs but I really like the Paleo diet if I’m eating clean. 

What’s on your iPhone for workout music at the moment?

Classic Rock Power Workout Radio on Pandora.

What do you wear to workout?

I like short shorts so i usually rock some running shorts and a t-shirt.

What's your favorite body part?

On me its my arms in general I have a weird thing for shoulders and backs. 

And your least favorite?

I'm not a huge fan of my thighs they have always been strong since I was a kid and it would bug me. 

The Perfect Man is someone with confidence that’s not overbearing and someone who is genuinely kind.
— David Genat, Brand Ambassador / Montblanc





Boxers or briefs?


Trunks or Speedos?

They both have their place but probably trunks.

As a model, how do you make yourself comfortable in front of the camera?

Being prepared physically is a big part knowing your in good shape and feeling good translates well on film. For me the easiest trick to getting comfortable on set is just being friendly to people and getting to know them a little bit in the limited time you have so you don’t feel like a stranger and everyone has more fun. 

As a photographer, whats the biggest difference between being in front of the camera and behind it?

Even though they both work hand in hand in terms of knowing how a shoot or a set works etc they are pretty much worlds apart, The responsibility is the biggest difference because at the end of the day the photographer is responsible for the final product..

When shooting a recently new model girl or guy what do you look for?

Honestly I just like shooting with nice, cool people, I look for people who are down to try interesting stuff who are open and not “trying” to look good or like a “model”. I like characters and people with strong personality.

What makes a perfect man?

Someone with confidence thats not overbearing and someone who is genuinely kind. 

Tell us about your tattoo?

Yeah I kind of have a bizarre tattoo on my ribs, It started with a little ode to a piece I saw that Murakami had done and then I just kept adding bits and pieces onto it, I have initials for family members and loved ones and then things that mean nothing but I really like bright colors and fortunately I have an amazing friend Sara Lou in LA who has done my last 8 hours or so of work, I just tell her what I’m thinking and she figures out something cool.

A fragrance?

Mont Blanc Emblem of course!!!

Three products you can't live without?

As much as I hate to admit it my iPhone, but I really love my motorcycle and little old snappy camera Lumix LX3. 

Where do you go to switch off?

There's a couple of Beaches in my home town of Perth Western Australia that nothing comes close to and I’m pretty fortunate to get home a couple times a year and thats when i switch off and fully relax.

A country?


A gym?

Renzo Gracie Academy. 

A barber?

I've been working the long hair angle for a while now so I can’t really recommend a barber.

A spa?

Great Jones Spa.

A restaurant?

Spaghetti Incident on Eldridge Street.

A hairdresser?

Tom Davitt at Spoke and Weal in Soho.




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