Star Man – Jamie Clarke Interview by Alexander Jaime

By Colleen Star


Photo: Bell Soto

On a fall day this mid November we had the pleasure of chatting with Jamie Clarke on the set of our "Come Clean" story. The deaf pro soccer player and model has been part of Kenneth Cole's "Courageous Class" campaign. So we found it fit to ask how he handles being an inspiration to so many, what characteristics he finds most attractive in people, and what it takes to be a star, man.

Coffee or tea?


What defines a successful day for you?

As a model, if I booked a job and it went as well as I would have liked then it's a successful day for me! If I win my soccer games, this is also successful! If you have a long hard day but you got it all done then it's all good as long as you are happy with it.

What would you say makes a man powerful?

By being a leader, knowing what he's doing, being brave - not afraid to take risks, let his work do the talking, backs up what he says but is humble too. Being professional is also important. 

iPhone or Android?

iPhone all the way!! It's so much better! 

What makes a “perfect man,” in your opinion?

Don't need to say much... David Beckham IS THE PERFECT MAN.


Last good book you read?

I don't read books. I'm a Netflix fan! I am currently watching 'LOST', it's sooo good! Very addictive. 

Who do you look up to? or Who are your role models?

My grandfather is my role model, I always think about him. He taught me soccer and I just loved being around him when I was so little! We did things together. My parents too, they have been unbelievable with me all my life and I owe them a lot. Obviously David Beckham as well because of who he is, a great role model to everyone on the planet, he's a great family man, looks after his kids, helps charities, he's got it all! and Cristian's Ronaldo because he works so bloody hard everyday at soccer and it shows. This is why he is the best soccer player ever.

Why do you love soccer?

My grandfather and father got me into this sport when I was around 5/6 and I never stopped since. It's the most popular sport worldwide, it's made me very competitive at a young age & not going to lie. I can be a sore loser! All my life I have always been a winner & played for the best teams in the league somehow. I'd say that's down to all of the goals I have scored! ;-) this has got me playing for my country – Great Britain Deaf Team, it's the biggest honour you can have!


How has your journey impacted your definition of “inspiring”? or How do you handle the responsibility of being an inspiration to so many?

It is simple, I am just being myself, I always have been. I don't need to pretend or change anything. If they don't like it then tough. I am just happy to help people by sending out positive messages or making sure that they know it is okay to dream and believing that it is possible! Being fully deaf has never held me back with anything, it shouldn't. I mean, we all are humans – we are the same. Just because I have a hearing loss doesn't mean we are different, well i'd say we are more special! Haha. 

What traits or characteristics do you find the most attractive?

Being humble and caring are very attractive. Also, when you see someone making an effort for you! If someone is a little crazy/weird – it can also be good!

When do you feel the most confident?

I am always confident. 24/7, whatever comes along. I am always ready! I don't back down or become shy lol. Being confident and ego is 2 different things, confidence is sexy, ego isn't. 

What are your top 5 travel essentials?

1. My phone lol! Can't live without it! (& adaptor lol)
2. Money! Never know what you'll need! 
3. Hair product! If you look scruffy then it's not good unless chilling in bed all day (which I love) haha especially on Sundays! 
4. Toothbrush and paste!
5. Clothes! haha gotta cover yourself up ;) 

Who would you say are the hottest male and female models right now? Your personal preference…

Male model - David Gandy
Female model - either Irina Shayk or Lily Aldrige!

Don’t need to say much... David Beckham IS THE PERFECT MAN.
— Jamie Clarke

Photography: Bell Soto  Model: Jamie Clarke at Soul Artist Management


Coffee and Eyedrops – A Conversation with David Miller by Alexander Jaime


Photo: Jesse Untracht-Oakner

An evening this past February we caught up with South African legendary model and muse to Karl Lagerfeld, David Miller. The man who through out his career has been featured on the pages of French and Italian Vogue, GQ, InStyle, Glamour, Men’s Health, Elle, Esquire, Visionaire, The Perfect Man and campaigns for Tiffany& Co., Giorgio Armani, Versace, Ralph Lauren, Tous, Patek Philippe, Lacoste and J.Crew to name a few. He shares with us his favorite body part (it's not what you think) and lets us in on what makes the perfect man.

What's your first thought when you wake up?


How do you take care of your body?

I exercise and eat correctly.

How do you deal with tiredness?

Coffee & Eyedrops. 

What's your favorite sport?

I really love Mixed Martial Arts.

How can we get the David Miller physique?

I would have to say eat correctly and work out but it’s also important to have a cheat day where you can eat what every you want.

Gym or personal trainer?


A detox drink?

Don’t have one.

How do you keep yourself motivated during a workout?

I listen to music at the gym and when I do Muay Thai I get lost in class.

Do you follow an eating plan to keep your energy up?

I try eat 3 meals a day but it can sometimes be very hard with my traveling schedule. 

What’s on your iPhone for workout music at the moment?

I don’t have a list, but I love hip-hop, It always get me going.

What do you wear to workout?

Sweat pants and T-shirt.

What's your favorite body part?

My nose. 

And your least favorite?

Don’t have one. 




Boxers or briefs?

Depends on the situation.

Trunks or Speedos?

Trunks, but not too long. 

As a model, how do you make yourself comfortable in front of the camera?

Just by being myself.

As a photographer, whats the biggest difference between being in front of the camera and behind it?

I feel when you are in front of the camera there is a lot less things to worry about. But when I’m taking pictures there are more responsibilities on my shoulders such as the light, focus, and the model.

When shooting a recently new model girl or guy what do you look for?

Someone who is comfortable in front of the camera and easy to direct. 

What are some of your favorite moments of your modeling career?

This is a tough one, there is no way I can pick a favorite moment. I’ve been very fortunate to be able to work with amazing people and going to breathtaking places. One day you could be shooting in London and the next you off to Paris or Barcelona. I feel very fortunate and lucky. 

What makes a perfect man?

Somebody that is confident and comfortable in their own skin.

A fragrance?

Tous Man Intense. 

Three products you can't live without?

Fragrance, Lip balm and face lotion. 

Where do you go to switch off?

The Gym. 

The Perfect Man is somebody that is confident and comfortable in their own skin.
— David Miller

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Three Grooming Essentials from Paris Menswear Week Spring/Summer by Alexander Jaime


David Mallett's Beard Balm
The city's best-known hairdresser, David Mallett has created a balm that nourishes, softens and texturizes the beard thanks to its high concentration of vegetable protein, bergamot and yuzu. A must for neat Parisian stubble.


The Jazz Club perfume from Maison Martin Margiela
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Hermès Bath Set
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