Introducing The Grey Men's Skincare / by Alexander Jaime


Photo: Philippe Vogelenzang

On a March morning we were introduced to Gregor a Dutch lifestyle buyer with a background in menswear design. A couple weeks later this came as no surprise after we received our introduction gift box of his skincare range THE GREY. The first thing we noticed was the minimal beautifully packaged and curated assortment that is the perfect skincare regimen. Once we applied the charcoal face wash followed by the serum and moisturizer we were hooked. 


We discovered that Gregor is a man that likes to travel light and despite extensive research, he couldn’t find a compact men’s skincare range that fitted his situation and his suitcase and this got him thinking. Grey – as Gregor is known to his friends – wanted a skincare system that had the same luxurious feel and effectiveness of women’s skincare, coupled with the ease and convenience of a simple men’s skincare regime. The idea of THE GREY was born…

THE GREY is a well-designed, luxurious, complete and compact skincare range that meets the standards of the modern man. Working in collaboration with some of the best laboratories in Europe, THE GREY has developed an amazing skincare collection tailored specifically to the typical needs of a man’s skin.

Available at, they ship anywhere in this world.